One of the most important innovations that put on the table the ‘loot shooters’ after Borderlands was the booty by instances , a system that prevents us from having to fight with other players for the loot we see on the screen.  Although the title of Gearbox has always been quite generous in this regard, Borderlands 3 adopts this dynamic, the rules today, by default.

This has been confirmed by Matt Cox, head of game design, on Twitter.  However, those who wish will have the option to activate a classic mode that, as you can deduce, retakes the old-fashioned acquisition of booty: if you find something you like, take it before your friend does.  It has not been explained yet if the classic mode will give us more loot to compensate the default distribution, or if new restrictions will be applied to the exchanges to avoid an abusive growth.

Borderlands 3 comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13, and we already know the special editions of the game. On May 1st we will have gameplay and new details.