Bringing Yakuza games to Steam facilitates Judgment’s access to this platform.

With the arrival of numerous games from the Yakuza series to Steam, there were many fans who frown with the idea that Judgment is exclusive to PS4. Well, it seems that this could change in the not too distant future, as producer Kazuki Hosokawa suggests in a recent interview with IGN Japan ( via Resetera ).

“I think the barriers have been reduced by taking [Yakuza] to Steam,” explains Hosokawa.

“I think we could raise the player base because people who do not have PS4 can also play, we have not decided yet [whether to bring Judgment to PC] but it is considered a possibility, we are considering the possibilities not only for Steam, but for other formats too”.

What about Nintendo Switch?  With some games as powerful as DOOM Eternal confirmed, it would not be strange to imagine that at least Yakuza could appear on the hybrid console, but it seems that will not be the case for now. In fact, its leaders joke that Sakurai “would not like” to see Kiryu in Smash Bros.

After a legal mishap with actor Pierre Taki for possession of cocaine, Judgment’s release remains fixed on June 25 and only for PS4. After that, it seems that they will have time to decide what to do in the future, as Sega ensures that there are no more planned Judgment deliveries .