Although Borderlands 3 has had an exceptional initial reception, PC users show a general discontent with the idea that it is an exclusive of Epic Games Store , which is also one of the most discussed topics of what we have been in 2019. As a result, the Borderlands series has been the victim of a bombing of some 4,000 critics on Steam ;  that Valve has healed with his new bomb-proof measure (of analysis) .

This is the first game to benefit from this system, although as we already knew, that does not mean that the opinions of the users have been eliminated from the platform.  Instead, the store now shows a message that says “this product has experienced one or more off-topic review periods.” According to your preferences, reviews for these periods have been excluded from the review rating of this product. ”  This measure will help fans to find games of their liking more easily when surfing, and to take a more accurate idea of ​​what other players think of that title.

Those who wish, of course, can read the omitted reviews manually or even modify their preferences from the store to be included in the general count of the valuation of all games.  Of course, Steam also maintains the classic graphics to illustrate when the waves of criticism have occurred, and how many have been.

While players use Steam analysis to show their dissatisfaction with Epic Games Store, developers find that store more and more attractive: not only does it offer a more attractive profit distribution, but it will also allow the game author to enable or disable criticism at pleasure.  That said, Borderlands 3 lands on September 13 on PS4, Xbox One and the Epic Games store on PC.  A year later, it will also be available for sale on Steam.