The game has started its funding campaign on the right foot.

This week, the Spanish team Moonlight Games opened a Kickstarter to finance their new project: the action and adventure game Hunt the Night , a dark fantasy title inspired by icons such as Castlevania , The Legend of Zelda or the latest Dark Souls .  His promising gameplay and artistic direction have helped him win the favor of the public, and in just a couple of days he has already reaped almost 10,000 of the 25,000 euros he needs to get afloat.  If it succeeds, it will appear on PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch and PS4.  The Xbox One version is proposed as one of its latest additional goals (150,000 euros).

Hunt the Night encourages us to explore the world of Medhram, full of dungeons with enemies, traps and puzzles, but also a dozen intense combats against bosses .  The latter are, in fact, one of the main attractions of the program: they are varied, powerful and demanding.  To overcome them, we will have to master a series of combative techniques that mix the handling of the sword of our protagonist, Vesper, with spectral abilities coming from our dark “double”, Umbra.

You can take a look at the game in the trailer that accompanies the news, but you will find more detailed information about skills, quests, exploration or special editions on Kickstarter.  At the time of writing these lines, Hunt the Night has 28 days left to achieve its purpose.  When surpassing the first objective, characteristics like an NG + mode, animations and extra musical tracks will be raised or even the possibility of facing all the bosses followed, among other things.