On May 24 was the date chosen by Creazn Studio and Soedesco for release on PC via Steam and PS4 of Dollhouse, an adventure horror inspired by black cinema of the 50s that takes the player to immerse themselves in the mind of Marie, a detective who is trying to decipher the secret of her past memories.

Its managers have celebrated the announcement with a new trailer, in which users can get an idea more closely about the mysterious atmosphere that will live in the game as well as meet its protagonist; Once the “best detective in the world”, now suffers amnesia in the middle of a terrifying investigation in Dollhouse.

This title also has an interesting competitive multiplayer mode where you have to choose carefully who to kill, choosing between 14 playable characters with their own stories and skills. Precisely, this feature will have an open beta from April 13 to 14 that seeks to receive feedback from users.

If this Dollhouse video has left you wanting to have a bad time, today we have reported that the psychological terror of SON is already available on PS4.