Those who like the classic real-time strategy and are fervent followers of the Hyborian Age, can already point on May 30 in their respective calendars. It will be on this date when Conan arrives : Unconquered, the approach to this famous saga of the Petroglyph team, made up of veterans after developments as remembered as Star Wars: Empire at War and Command & Conquer.

Those responsible for the video game have also reported that some of the two editions of the RTS can now be reserved. On the one hand we have the standard, at a price of 29.99 euros, and on the other the Deluxe Edition, which for 39.99 euros gives access to several incentives: the DLC of Kalanthes, a magic unit, and Rey Conan, a unit heroic as well as the soundtrack of the adventure in digital format and the novel Conan The Unconquered in eBook format (electronic book).

In addition to this announcement, their managers have shared several images attached to the news. You can find out what is Conan: Unconquered? in this complete development diary released by those responsible at the beginning of March.