The social networks of the new game of Avalanche Studios seem to have been infected by the brazen sense of humor of Rage 2 and in a recent message posted on their Twitter profile they wished to wink at the fans at the expense of the premiere of the first trailer of Borderlands 3.

This advancement of the new GearBox title will arrive throughout the afternoon today, but the account of Rage 2 has published a version of the well-known meme of road deviations that pose two options, in which it is suggested the choice of Rage 2 versus to Borderlands 3.

While Gearbox yesterday confirmed the highly anticipated game with a first advance, today the game will be shown in the PAX East, while the first details of the game could already be known thanks to a series of important leaks. For its part, the promotional campaign of Rage 2, advancing its launch on May 14, has already joked at the expense of other games, such as his curious dispute with Ubisoft on the use of pink during the launch of Far Cry: New Dawn.