During their conference for the PAX East, Hopoo Games and Gearbox have announced the immediate staging of the cooperative shooter Risk of Rain 2 on Steam, by way of early access , for 17.99 euros. In fact, it comes in the form of promotion : until March 30, you can get a free additional copy with the purchase of yours.

According to those responsible, Risk of Rain 2 will remain in early access for about a year, and once finished will have 10 characters and levels, 12 bosses and a hundred objects, as well as a true ending with a boss to match. However, its price will increase (we do not know how much) to reflect the changes once it is finished.

Until then, we can enjoy some of the features of the game, including new and veteran survivors, larger handmade levels, greater interest in the game universe, bosses, leaderboards and lots of unlockables. The enemies and bosses are random, and they scale as we play to maintain the level of challenge. A boss can become a normal enemy over time, for example.