After formally propelling somewhat more than seven days back, EA and BioWare’s Anthem appears to have now experienced the diversion’s greatest issue up until this point, at any rate for those playing on PS4.

Over the previous day or somewhere in the vicinity, various reports have begun rising up out of Reddit that Anthem is making their PS4s crash. Reddit client u/forthemasters commenced the discussion this end of the week on the official Anthem subreddit expressing that the amusement is the just a single they have that continually makes their PS4 crash. “While experiencing an accident or amusement mistake, at times I get booted to the primary menu or out of the diversion totally to the PS4 dashboard. Be that as it may, twice now when attempting to matchmake my PS4 has totally killed,” the client posted.

The story was met with many comparative indicators from others in the string who have been playing Anthem on PS4. “The most exceedingly awful part is the point at which it stop your reassure, it does it as though you hauled the power plug out of the divider. The support needs to fix itself just as fix my outer HDD,” reacted one Reddit client in the string. In a different string, one Redditor said that Anthem totally bricked their very own PS4. “My playstation has been totally bricked to the point of not notwithstanding turning on due to Anthem,” they said in the post.

It’s as yet unsure exactly what the issue is with Anthem that is giving players this issue, yet it has prompted a few players through and through asking for discounts from Sony now on the off chance that they obtained the amusement carefully. One Reddit client by the name of u/bluetidepro reports that Sony wound up discounting their buy of Anthem in the wake of calling the help helpline and clarifying that Anthem has driven their PS4 to crash on different occasions.

As of this composition, EA or BioWare still haven’t reacted to inquiries regarding what is causing this mistake on PS4 reassures. In the diversion’s short life cycle however, this is by all accounts the most concerning issue the amusement has experienced up until now — far more atrocious than the basic gathering. We’ll update you as often as possible on in the event that we hear more from on this story pushing ahead. Meanwhile, perhaps get Anthem on PC or Xbox One rather in case you’re hoping to get it.