Just a year after the arrival of Battlefield 2, EA is prepared to discharge the second of their supporter packs, Armored Fury. As the title proposes, Armored Fury puts an accentuation on tank battle however that doesn’t imply that there’s not a lot of enjoyable to be had by snorts and hotshots. Shielded Fury isn’t exactly as enormous a pack as a year ago’s Special Forces yet its new maps and new vehicles (also its ten-dollar sticker price) make it an exceptionally alluring recommendation for Battlefield 2 players.

The new supporter pack at last conveys the battle to the United States. Subsequent to battling in far-flung lands, the US Marine Corps end up safeguarding America from a two dimensional assault. The Chinese have arrived in Alaska and are getting ready to grab a critical port finish with its oil pipeline. Then, the MEC have arrived on the East Coast where they’re attempting to pick up control of the waterways and thruways that will lead them to Washington, DC. There are three new maps here, every one of which portrays a one of a kind region in the contention. While it would have been pleasant to see battles occurring in commonplace areas like San Francisco or Washington, DC, the maps in the supporter pack make for some exceptional battling in well-known environment.

In Operation Midnight Sun, players participate in an evening time attack of an Alaskan port. The Chinese have built up a foothold at Valdez and are currently pushing inland. In the wake of anchoring an adjacent town, the Chinese need to push over a wide stream to seize positions held by the US Marines. While arranging their own attack over the waterway, the Marines will likewise need to think about how to shield the monstrous pipeline and oil refineries close to their beginning area.

Activity Harvest sees the MEC pushing through Pennsylvania Dutch nation. The battle will seethe crosswise over tremendous wheat fields, in the midst of interesting farmhouses and storehouses and even a grain stacking task close to a railroad line. Outwardly, it’s the best dimension of the cluster, superbly catching the inclination that you’re battling for land that is irrefutably American. As an additional treat, there are some enormous tempest mists overhead. Despite the fact that it doesn’t influence the ongoing interaction, it adds tons to the kind of the dimension. Things are exceptionally extreme in Operation Road Rage. Here the MEC and the USMC are battling about an essential roadway that awards access to various imperative focuses on the East Coast. The entire guide is commanded by a gigantic cloverleaf crossing point and an extended length of interstate. The banner in the center is on a raised segment of roadway making it difficult to sneak your direction onto it. For whatever length of time that the protector can shield in the two headings, you’re essentially stayed with putting on the goal through sheer load of numbers. In spite of the fact that that is the primary goal, battling is certain to overflow into various encompassing territories, from the swarmed strip shopping center to a wonderful suburb improvement.

Throughout the most recent couple of days EA has been facilitating matches for industry types. From our involvement in those matches, these new maps are similarly as adjusted and energizing as the current ones. We had numerous forward and backward matches where the triumphant side just had a bunch of tickets left. There will undoubtedly be little lopsided characteristics that show up once a great many individuals begin playing in any case, up until this point, the new maps appear to be even.

Despite the fact that Armored Fury is a tank-centered amusement, that doesn’t imply that infantry can’t be successful. Without a doubt, regardless they can’t run toe-to-toe with a T90, however with a little thinking ahead and a little alert, there’s no reason an infantry fighter can’t remain alive sufficiently long to have any kind of effect on the combat zone. The planners have made it simple on the poor infantry by giving parts and bunches of cover at each banner point.