Mass Effect 3 recorded first-month US offers of 1.3 million units over the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC variants of the set of three topping pretending amusement, as per NPD information gave to Joystiq.

The figure covers just physical retail duplicates of the amusement and does not factor in carefully appropriated variants for the PC or PS3. NPD does not separate deals by stage, but rather Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg said on Twitter that the Xbox 360 rendition of Mass Effect 3 sold 943,000 units amid the month, beating the PS3 form by a 4:1 edge.

Other NPD data provided to the site reveals that Nintendo 3DS games Kid Icarus: Uprising and Resident Evil: Revelations sold 140,000 and 122,000 duplicates amid March, individually. Also, the site sources NPD data claiming Binary Domain- – which went discounted on February 28- – sold only 20,000 units amid March.

As announced by NPD yesterday, March was a tough month for the business. Programming failed 26 percent year-over-year, with equipment plunging considerably more radically, down 35 percent contrasted with a year ago’s count.